Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation Services

Del-Val Basement Waterproofing can take care of your mold problem fast, effective and at an affordable Solution. It all starts with a thorough inspection of the area or the entire home or building to find the source of why there is mold present. Mold commonly can be seen but sometimes mold can hide inside walls or up in ceilings and therefore a professional inspection should be done. If testing is required, we can provide testing with air samples or swab samples of the area in which mold cannot be seen. Since we are a waterproofing company that deals with water intrusion in sub grade foundations, we not only can take care of the mold with remediation, but also take care of the water problem or humidity problem that is promoting mold growth. Mold can start colonizing in 24 to 48 hours and its imperative that the water or moisture issue should be dealt with at the same time.

Air quality

Having mold in your home or work environment can lead to health problems short term and long term. Therefore, removing the mold from the environment, you live or work in is imperative. Mold exposure can lead to body pains, nausea, tiredness, rashes, headaches, nasal problems and even death. If you suspect mold in your home or workplace, don’t wait. Get it professionally assessed and remediated

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Our Approach to Mold Remediation

First in a visual inspection for water, moisture or condensation that can create mold growth. If needed, we can provide mold testing in which a third-party laboratory will provide you with mold testing results by email.

Containment and Mitigation

Containment is set up to separate the infected area from the uninfected area. Negative air or air scrubber(s) are set up in preparation to the remediation. We follow the IICRC S520 guidelines to mold remediation and the use EPA registered disinfectants and fungicides. To people that want a “Green Approach” to not using chemicals, we offer botanical disinfectants that have 99.9% effectiveness in killing mold. HEPA air scrubbers and HEPA vacuums are used in the remediation process. Pump sprayers, fogging equipment is used to apply the disinfectant to surfaces that need to be cleaned and drywall and insulation that is infected is removed.

After cleaning of structural components or foundation walls is completed, we offer an antifungal paint that keeps mold from coming back. It allows the wood to breath but give a protection against future mold growth with a limited warranty. This is an important step and some mold remediators skip over this.

Who we serve

We service all homeowners, real estate companies, property managers, home inspectors, health care professionals and landlords. Visual inspection is free of charge. Testing of mold does come with a charge based on how many tests are needed.


From the inspectors to the remediators at Del-Val Basement Waterproofing, we follow the guidelines by the IICRC S520. General manager holds certificates for mold remediation, testing, inspection and training. All employees have been trained by the general manager of the company.

If you're in need of Mold Remediation services, contact Del-Val Basement Waterproofing to request a free estimate.

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