Foundation Services

Foundation Repair Services

Bowing Walls

Over time, lateral pressure from expansive soils, improper drainage, clogged gutters, or freeze & thaw cycles can cause walls to slowly bow, or move in. Don’t wait any longer to correct this. We can install wall pins inside the block with concrete to stabilize the foundation, and other methods based on the severity of the wall’s movement.

Additionally, we have techniques to pull the wall back horizontally using wall plate anchors and “I” beams. In a worst-case scenario (the wall is severely damage), we can fully replace the wall or walls and have engineered drawings made for you with a third-party engineer for township permitting.

Crack Repairs

We try to approach crack repairs from the outside if possible. The best way to stop water that’s coming through a foundation is at its source, the water that’s seeping through the wall. Crack repairs done from the outside can prevent water from seeping or even touching the foundation wall again in that area.

If inside crack repair is the only option, we have designed a great solution to stop water penetration and have a backup option with the repair to keep your basement or crawlspace floor from getting wet.

Stone Wall Roughcasting

Older homes with stone walls may encounter old parging and paint falling or peeling off the walls. Our roughcasting system keeps moisture from popping the new 2 coat systems, keeping your stone walls looking great.

Wall Stabilization & Rebuilding

We offer wall stabilization services as well as "pull back to level services" for block and poured concrete walls. We can also handle foundation projects of any size all the way up to total wall rebuilding.

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Concrete Services

Concrete Repair & Replacement

We offer concrete removal and replacement of any concrete, whether inside or outside of the house. This includes patios, sidewalks, and a new basement floor poured.

Why Replace?

Damaged or cracked concrete is one of the main perpetrators of water damage to a home or commercial property. It creates an easy way for water to get inside the home and cause additional damage before, during, and after storms. If left unchecked, this could also allow mold to start growing in your home. If you have cracks in your foundation or concrete, you'll want to get it repaired or replaced before water seaping in worsens its condition.

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Basement & Crawlspace Lowering Service

Is your basement not deep enough? Need more head room? We can lower the basement floor and underpin existing foundation walls. Want to convert your existing crawlspace into a basement? We can do that and create space down.
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